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The spirit of entrepreneurship is the backbone of the Canadian economy, and the federal government has established an immigration program in recognition of those looking to move to Canada to explore new opportunities. The Start-Up Visa Program grants permanent residency to approved entrepreneurs and connects them with a Canadian venture capital fund or angel investor group to help them launch their new business. The application process for this program can become quite complex, necessitating a significant amount of paperwork, financial arrangements and business applications. Securing a skilled immigration lawyer knowledgeable about the Start-Up Program is essential. An experienced immigration lawyer can help minimize cost, avoid delays, and reduce frustration by simplifying the process.

Garson Immigration Law is a sophisticated and exceptionally experienced immigration firm that has helped many entrepreneurial clients navigate the immigration process for new businesses. We have an in-depth appreciation of the requirements for a successful start-up immigration application and can help clients unfamiliar with the process secure approval.

What are the Eligibility Requirements of the Business Immigration Program in Canada?

Before you apply for the Business Immigration Program, you must have received a Letter of Support from a designated entity, such as an angel investor group, business incubator or venture capital fund, designated by the Minister to issue commitments to new businesses under the program. The letter outlines, amongst other things, the financial commitment the entity is willing to provide to your business. The initial commitment must be for $75,000 to $200,000, depending on the type of entity involved.

You must be able to demonstrate a certain level of skill with English or French communication. Skills are assessed through one of a number of official testing agencies and results are to be included with your application.

You must submit proof of financial resources sufficient to support you and your family after your arrival in Canada. This money must be your own, it cannot be borrowed from another person, and it must be free of debts or other encumbrances. You and any accompanying family members will also be required to submit fingerprints and photographs at a biometric collection service point.

Lastly, you must establish that you and any accompanying family members are admissible to Canada by submitting police checks and medical information as part of your application.

Experts in Corporate Immigration Law Assisting Clients with Start-Up Business Class Permanent Residence Applications

The immigration lawyers at Garson Immigration Law specialize in assisting clients with corporate immigration needs. We will provide you guidance throughout the process of applying for permanent residence under the Business Immigration Program, including securing an investment commitment from a designated entity as required. We will ensure your application is complete and demonstrates your suitability for the program, in order to give you the best chance of success in your new business venture.

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At Garson Immigration Law, we have nearly thirty years of experience assisting entrepreneurs establish permanent residency in Canada. We help clients navigate the labyrinth-like application process for the Start-Up Visa Program. To discuss your circumstances with one of our experienced immigration lawyers, please contact us online or call us at 416-321-2860.

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