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Canada is currently seeing a steep rise in the need for skilled workers in specific industries, and the high standard of living means that many workers are looking to relocate from other countries to work here. While there is a demand for skilled workers across the country, the requirements for being approved for entry are stringent and the application process can be complex. The type of application needed will vary depending on the applicant’s nationality, their skills, and the industry they work in. Navigating this labyrinth-like system becomes much easier with the help of a highly-skilled immigration lawyer on your side.

Garson Immigration Law’s founding partner, David Garson, is widely recognized across Canada for his expertise in the area of immigration law. He and his team have helped numerous professional and skilled clients secure work permits to pursue new employment opportunities in a range of industries within Canada.

Two Types of Work Permits: Open vs. Employer-Specific

Employer-Specific Work Permits

The most common type of work permit in Canada is an employer-specific permit, which grants a successful applicant entry once they have a job offer from a Canadian employer. This permit enables a permit-holder to work in a specific role for a specific employer. In order to qualify for an employer-specific work permit, you must have a job offer in hand. Often visa-exempt applicants are eligible to apply at the port of entry. For those applying through the Consulate, applicants may qualify to apply through the Global Skills Strategy Program, which expedites an application, allowing for a two-week processing time. Applicants under this program must apply from outside of Canada, have a job offer for a managerial or professional occupation and have the qualifications to assume the position to qualify.

Open Work Permits

An open work permit is not tied to a specific job or employer. The holder of an open permit can seek employment anywhere in Canada for the duration of the permit. As a result of the uncertainty of this type of permit, obtaining an open work permit is considerably more challenging. However, there are certain circumstances that will qualify an applicant for a non-specific permit, enabling them to seek employment anywhere in the country. Examples of qualifying situations include:

  • The spouse or common-law partner of a skilled worker or international student in Canada;
  • Students at designated learning institutions in Canada who qualify for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program;
  • Dependent family members of someone who has applied for permanent residence in Canada; and
  • Holders of employer-specific work permits who are being abused or at risk of being abused at their place of work.

No matter which type of work permit you seek, there are numerous programs and routes through which you can apply and decide on the best way forward can be a complicated decision. At Garson Immigration Law, we have nearly thirty years of experience facilitating work permits for our corporate and business clients and finding the best immigration solutions for their needs. We will help to eliminate any guesswork and make sure the application process is as streamlined as possible.

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