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Unlike a temporary residence visa, a temporary resident permit is used to grant entry to a foreign national who would otherwise be deemed ineligible for entry to Canada. There are many reasons that a person may be found inadmissible, but most commonly these reasons relate to medical or criminal issues. However, certain circumstances may allow an otherwise inadmissible applicant to be granted entry to Canada for a limited period of time via a temporary residence permit.

Establishing the need for such a permit can be complex, as approval will depend both on the specific reason for the applicant’s inadmissibility as well as the reason for the visit to Canada. At Garson Immigration Law, we have nearly thirty years of experience helping our clients to demonstrate the requirement for a temporary resident permit in urgent situations ranging from critical business needs to visiting a very ill relative. It is important for an applicant to seek guidance from an experienced immigration lawyer in these circumstances, as the criteria for determining eligibility is stringent and timelines are often critical.

Proving Eligibility for a Temporary Resident Permit to Canada

The decision to issue a temporary resident permit is based primarily on an assessment of risk. In other words, does the potential risk of the applicant’s admission into Canada outweigh the significance of the reason for the visit?

At Garson Immigration Law in Toronto, our immigration lawyers are experts in assisting clients in establishing strong arguments to justify the need for a temporary resident permit. Our experience provides us with insight as to how to establish a persuasive case for approval and afford our clients the best chance for success.

If approved, the time frame for a temporary resident permit will be limited to the amount of time required by your visit. For example, if you are looking to attend a weeklong business function, your permit will generally require you to vacate the country the day after the function ends. A permit is different from a temporary resident visa in that a permit is an exception to a rule. Therefore, a permit will be issued with considerably more restrictions than a visa. As such, securing a highly experienced immigration lawyer can make the difference between the approval and denial of an application.

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